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  • - Privilege

School of Visual Arts, NYC

Gloss ink on white paper

A study of privilege and perception

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  • - Untitled (Unknown)

Willem de Kooning Academy

A study of the visualization of the communist manifesto written by Mao Zedong.

Under Mao Zedongs reign, censorship and oppression, the fact that an individual isn't of value and Mao Zedong himself is utmost superior are key subjects. All these subjects are translated into a visual language. As a conclusion you'll find the important sentence 'The mass is more important than personal interest' appearing on one of the last pages.

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  • - Peggy Lee

School of Visual Arts, NYC

This book is about the song ‘Is That All There Is?’ performed by Peggy Lee, a number 1 hit song in 1968.

The lyrics of this song are actually texts out of a book written by Thomas Mann in Germany in 1898. But how come the existentialistic words from just before the Great War and the Weinmar Republic in Germany are the same words that America loved to listen to 70 years later?

While researching I found that the people of Germany in 1898 and the people of America in 1968 had the same kind of feeling of ‘depression’. This could be a result of the social unbalance due to the TET-Offencive during the Vietnam War and the Assassination of Martin Luther King that year.

I divided the book in different chapters. Each one represent a historic event; The Great War, the TET- Offencive, the death of Martin Luther King and the most recent 9-11. Each historic event is a verse. Each chorus is a painting by Caravaggio, representing timelessness. All these kinds of historic events and these depressed feelings of a society will most likely never stop, that's why I gave the possibility to keep building the book with a needle and red threat.

One of the images is upsite down, this one represents a word in the song that Peggy Lee really stretches out. The image of Peggy Lee herself represents the fase in the song where she abruptly cuts of her chorus and starts with a new verse.